Friday, July 30, 2010

Normal is Good!

Hi friends!

I admit it.  I have been a terrible blogger this week.  But it has been one of those weeks. 

You know what I am talking about.  The kind of weeks where SOMETHING is going on every night after work.  I love it like this!  I really, really do!  It just doesn't leave much time for blogging.

Most of you who follow me on Twitter and Facebook already know that I received GOOD NEWS from the doctor's office this week.  My pathology report came back normal!  I know many of you have been praying for this report.  If I could...I would give you all a gigantic hug!!!  Thank you!

I love knowing that our blogging community can join in prayer despite being spread across many states and even different countries. 

I love knowing that the body of Christ is not limited to geographics or demographics. 

If you have a special prayer request, please leave it in the comments {or email it to me at erin(at)erin(dash)brady(dot)com}.  If you are going through something or you have a health concern, let us know and we will pray for you, too!! 

You know what else I love?  Praise reports.  Our human nature is so good at focusing on the negative.  The glass isn't always half empty!  Sometimes, God answers prayers just as He did for me this week.  If God has answered a prayer in your life recently, let us know!  He blesses us in so many ways...let's praise Him for it!


On Tuesday night I did a shoot with my sister-in-law, her husband and their baby boy, Luke.  I cannot believe that he is already 9 months old!  Where does the time go?  I am still working on the pictures but I just wanted to share a couple with you.  I am hoping to get several more added to my photography page this weekend.

In case you didn't know, boys like tractors!

Isn't he adorable?

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! 

Don't forget to leave prayer requests and praise reports in the comments!!!
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  1. Oh my goodness your photography is just so beautiful and heartfelt- how wonderful to share your gift with your family!

    I have a praise report- My daughter had a UTI infection and has had a fever for two weeks straight and it was finally diagnosed- she has been on antibiotics and is a new baby! She is back to her normal happy self! And I'm so grateful!!

  2. Yay for good news...praise reports are always so wonderful!

    LOVE your photographs. So very pretty....and that little guys hair is is he. :)

  3. Just bounced over from Allied Mom- First time here.

    Adorable design for your blog, and super cute pictures. I just love the first one, beautiful.

  4. I've been all about praising lately! God has been so good to me lately. I've recently fallen in love, so I'm very grateful to God for putting such an incredible man in my life.

  5. That first photo is absolutely breathtaking!

  6. Normal is incredible. Congratulations on the wonderful news. And your incredible talent - oh that sweet first shot of Luke on the tractor. That hair!

    Peeked in on your tab at the top as well - really great work. You definitely have an eye for photography.