Friday, September 10, 2010

Watch'll hurt your eyes! (Don't say I didn't warn you.)

This post has the potential to be all over the place.  That's how my mind has been lately.  Everywhere. 


Except where it really needs to be.

{What's that you say, boss?  You want to know why I am blogging at work? must have me confused with someone else.}

I am taking an online photography course that Faith over at SIMPLICITY teaches.  This is the first week of the class and I have already learned so much.  The most significant thing that I have learned is that I still have a lot to learn. 

{Let the ego deflation commence}

Not that I really have an ego when it comes to photography...I am so new to it and I know there is a steep learning curve.  That's why I was floored when I saw that Faith chose one of my pictures in her i{heart}friday post!!

The assignment was simple.  Literally.  We were to choose a simple object with very little visual interest and photograph it.  I chose a black paper clip and photographed it on a white piece of paper.  It's can't get much more simple than that.  I shot it entirely on manual but I won't bore you with my ISO, aperture or shutter speed settings. want to see  my picture. 

Isn't it exciting?

I think it would be awesome hanging on the wall in my office.  Maybe I will do a series of office art.  My next picture could be staples or pencil lead on a white peice of paper. 

Our next assignment is to take a contemplative that we plan in our head and then execute.  Let's just say that this isn't going so well for me.  Every day I pass a tobacco field on the way home from work.  Just on the other side of that field is a church with a big white steeple.  Separating the tobacco field and the church is a graveyard.  I have thought about the irony of that scene for months.  And for months I have wanted to capture it with my camera.

So, I did yesterday.

And it was horrible.  I mean the kind of horrible that when you look at it, your eyes literally hurt. want to see that one too?

It burns the retinas, doesn't it?

Did you notice that I didn't even watermark it?  Seriously...if anyone wants to steal this picture...go ahead. 

Don't you love how over-exposed that sky is?  And how about all that tobacco?  I chose the day that they harvested the tobacco to stop and take the picture.

The. same. exact. day.

Had I stopped in the morning, the field would have been full of lucious, big, green leaves. 

But now...all I got is sticks.

Talk about irony.
Maybe I had better stay safe with paperclips and staples for now :-)

Faith...if you are reading this, I just want you to know that I am trying to come up with another contemplative shot.  Clearly, this one isn't going to cut it.

I honestly had so much more that I wanted to share with you today.  You will probably see another post from me this weekend. 

And because I don't think I have ever said it, I really appreciate ya'll reading my thoughts and looking at my pictures.  It makes me smile to know that I have friends out there...who support me...who encourage me...who pray for me...thank you!!

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  1. What a great shot! Love the contrast....and I am not going to lie the idea of an office set of photos is really fun!

    More often than not my photos I contemplate and try to achieve turn out like the bottom...I try though. Hope your next endeavor is better...I am sure it will be :o)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. That's an awesome picture... um... the first one. haha j/k. I'm new at photography too, but it's more just for capturing my baby than actual art. We'll see though. I'm dabbling.

    Good luck with your next assignment!

  3. Look at you, photographer!! Love the first shot, almost 3-D.

    The second, well, very sorry they harvested before you got there. I have to tell you though, the words you used to describe the scene was working for me. You'll find the right angle yet, I know.

  4. erin- you are so awesome! such a wonderful person.

    btw, have i told you how beautiful i think your blog is?

  5. Oh my goodness. You are really so very talented! I LOVED your simple challenge!

    I'm one of your fellow students from Faith's photography class:) I'm your newest follower because I thought it would be fun to be bloggie buddies as well as classmates!

    Great Blog!


  6. I really enjoy the paperclip--a series of office pictures is such an awesome idea!

    Hopefully your next planned shot will come out even better than you are imagining it!

  7. Congrats on your clip shot...and I think your thinking is good on the field. but I wanna see it close up with a child walking through the field...almost in a way that the field looks huge compared to this little boy. I think you're on the right track though!