Thursday, November 4, 2010

25 Days of Thanks Challenge

Hi friends!!  Congratulations again to Jennifer who won the $60.00 gift card from!!

Mallard Cove Mommy  is hosting The 25 Days of Thanksgiving Challenge and I am so excited to join her!!!  I am late to the game so I'll just jump in and catch up.  For every day in November leading up to Thanksgiving, I will post a picture and name something for which I am thankful. My pictures may or may not match my item of thanks...but that's ok. 

I like the idea of remembering to be thankful.  It's so easy to get caught up in the moment...especially in the days and weeks leading up to the Holidays.  I am so blessed...and yet, I rarely reflect on these blessings or offer enough thanks to Our Father. 

Could I ever give enough thanks?  If I devoted every day of the rest of my life...would it be enough?

Day 1: Grace

The beautiful, wonderful, marvelous unmerited favor of our God.  Grace loves the unlovable; grace forgives the unforgivable; grace redeems the unredeemable.  I am so thankful that God saved by His grace even while I was unlovable; even though I didn't deserve forgiveness.  Grace...that saved a wretch like me.

Day 2:  Autumn

In case you haven't caught it the other seventeen million I've said this:  Autumn is my favorite season.  Not only do we get a reprieve from the summer heat but the colors are simply amazing: golden yellows, rusty oranges and bright reds. I have noticed this year (more than any other year) how the sky is different, too.  It's like the blue is deeper and sunsets are on fire.  Autumn makes me want to wear scarves and drink hot chocolate and read books and decorate my house with pumpkins and mums.  I am thankful that God paints such beauty for us...and I'm thankful for the times that I can stop and enjoy His handiwork. 

Day 3:  My Camera

I realize this it is bit materialistic...but I really do love my camera.  She is my first DSLR and she introduced me into the wonderful word of photography.  I am thankful for this new creative outlet.  There is something exhilirating about seeing something with my eye and capturing it with my lens.  There is something even more exhilirating about sharing that image without someone who also appreciates it.  I love that I can create tangible memories for people.

Day 4:  Music

Have you ever noticed how music can change your mood?  How it brings back memories?  How it makes you want to dance....or worship?  I listen to all kinds of literally...all kinds.  From Hillsong to Led Zepplin; from Lionel Richie to Taylor Swift; from Chris Tomlin to Wu Tang; from Beethoven to Reba...I love all music.  I am so thankful that my parents sacrificed when I was young so that I could learn to play the violin.  I trained for about 10 years.  Understanding music, speaking the language of sheet music, is one of the most valuable lesons that I brought into my adulthood.  As a Christian, it speaks to me in ways that I almost can't explain.  Maybe you remember this post; if not, please read it.  I think it sums up what music can do when you allow God to speak through it.
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  1. Erin, Thanks SO much for linking up! What a blessing it was for me to read your post today and your photos are just breathtaking.

  2. how cool! I ended up doing something similar from! Must be the new thing to be thankful. Sounds good to me! :)

    I'm with ya on the photography! I got my first DSLR over the summer and have been trying to learn as much as I can. It's turned into a BIG dream of mine to eventually join the pros out there. It's amazing how one little piece of equipment can turn into a love, isn't it??

    Great list!! And great pics! My fav was the one of the tree. :)

  3. nice pictures! i love your blog look. thanks for following.