Saturday, November 6, 2010


I am continuing with the 25 Days of Thanksgiving Challenge hosted by The Mallard Cove Mommy. To see days 1-4, click here.

Day 5:  My Town

It's easy to be town is beautiful!  My husband and I were both born here so all of our family (with the exception of a precious few in South Carolina) live in close proximity.  In fact, my parents are four houses down from me....LOVE THAT!  So, where do I live?  Moore County, North Carolina.  There are about 70 golf courses in our community which makes for a gorgeous backdrop.  In addition, there is still a lot of farmland.  In fact, signs like the one in the picture below are pretty common!  (This one was taken across the street from my daugther's school.)  The rolling landscape of The Sandhills, whether corn fields, golf greens or tobacco fields, are home to me.  Beautiful...quaint...comfortable...I am thankful for my town. 

Day 6: My Girl

She should be further up on the list...

Kelsey is quite possibly the coolest 10-year-old on the planet.  People say it all the time...she is funny; she is her own person; she embraces her uniqueness.  I wish I could have had her confidence when I was 10.  She likes to hold my hand while we shop.  She gives the best hugs.  She is compassionate.  She came along at a time when I needed her most....and I didn't even realize it.  She grounded me.  Maybe one day I'll be able to tell that story with grace.  Until then, just know that I am thankful for this beauiful girl!

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  1. We're NEIGHBORS!! lol.
    I live in Gaston County, so not TOO far from you (don't judge... there ARE a few of us in Gaston that have all of our teeth!). I had no idea you were so close!
    And your baby girl is gorgeous. I'd love to hear the story someday... when you're ready to share, of course. :)