Born from the mountains,

Born from the North,

Born from the love of the land.


Can you rely on me,

To carry you         as you    have carried me ?


     Through generations,

          Through oceans and through states,


To wed thy present and thy past,


To bring me here,    to this day.


As your mothers did for you

Your mothers whom I resemble

And I               who resemble you.


I see parts of you grown in parts of me.

Ridges of the mountains,

And fluidity of the sea,

Lightness of the air,

And burdens of the dirt


I rise,


I remove my crust,


And I take in some more light.


It is my rite to do with my body what I please

My mouth, My hands, My knees

It is my rite to love who I love

Man, Woman, or Devil Above

To walk between, and over, and through

To fold my hands together, or rest them over you

To anoint my body with yours,

To make holey my body and fill it with spirits,

To possess a higher personal power,

To let none judge now, nor in my final hour.

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