Self Defense

They said they could be what you needed them to be

But you see

They’re only achieving            that in image

                        Deceiving        you because they’re

                        Seeing you                  vulnerable










A shell

Be a shell or be sheltered

A protection and a guard against an outside attack but fails to prevent an internal mutiny




Be adorned

Be worn

Be worn out and hung to dry

To use

To serve                                              even

But never be served by some or even self




                                    or repent



Coils are a snake’s primary defensive mechanism; when threatened, some snakes will even coil up into a ball, with its head protected inside the knots of its body.



You performed the same function for me that an unfired pot might for water it wants to hold

Or a rubber bathrobe that could never dry

            could never comfort

                                    come for          be there for     or stay for




contort myself into the confines of your attention and of your breath

alter my body so that it may fit inside your skull



through shedding, or molting; a process that occurs when a snake’s skin may be old and worn, or ridden with parasites, a snake can transform its body from old to new as often as every other week. When a snake is about to start shedding, it is in a stage referred to as “in the blue”.



To walk over your threshold is to disappear

I once thought it was cohabitating

Now it seems its co-habits-of-hating

                                    and of hiding



avoiding detection through camouflage is the most important weapon in a snake’s arsenal.